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Applique Border Fun!

Thanks for being patient with this post!! Appliqued borders are just the icing on the quilty cake! We are having fun in the Spring Ahead Quilt Along Facebook group with our quilts and the quilts are turning out great! Details on the group below.

Our pattern includes stems, flowers and leaves to add (optional - not everyone is adding the appliques). Let’s start with the stems. I cut 1-1/4” bias strips from a fat quarter, joined them as I would binding strips, then pressed (without stretching) in half, wrong sides together. Then I drew the stem with a temporary marking, using the stem marking guide in the pattern. After that it was (see slideshow below): 1. Pin the stem down. 2. Stitch at about 1/4” from the edge, then turn and press. 3. Stitch with a buttonhole or blind hem stitch with monofilament.

I used monofilament for a lighter look. I started out with thread - looked too heavy to me, and I like a thready look! For this project, I decided to do needle-turn applique by machine for the flowers and leaves. The shapes can also be applied using fusible - but let's do something a little different!

Here’s how I did it - you may have another method! 1. Trace applique shapes to freezer paper and cut out. Press FP shapes to applique fabric; trim around the shape, leaving about 1/4” to turn. Clip inner corners. 2. Press around the shapes, turning as you go. I wetted the edges of the appliques with water using a small paint brush. 3.Remove the freezer paper and make sure to dab the inner corners with Fray Check. 4. Take a look at this pile of flowers, centers and leaves!!

Next step - let’s stitch these down with a buttonhole stitch with monofilament - perfect! I set my buttonhole at 1.7mm wide, 2.3mm lenghth. This way we minimize the look of the stitching and maximize the fabric! Oh - you might have noticed that some of the flowers had 2 fabrics - I stitched 2 leftover strip scraps together, then made appliques from them. Waste not want not! And voila, before I knew it, the appliques are on! Along with some stitching and Netflix in the background, of course!

Looking good!

There is still time to join the Spring Ahead Quilt Along group! Our group is open until May 28, 2020. All printable instructions/guides and videos are located in the group. After the group closes, the pattern will be made available for purchase. Do you want to stay in the know about the quilt along each week via email? Click here to get on the Spring Ahead Email list! Next week, join me for quilting at home! Spring Ahead Quilt Along Schedule I am going to share my process as I am making this quilt; I have outlined the dates below. I am using Michael Miller’s Hash Dots, That’s It Dot and Cotton Couture for my strips and I will be doing a planned layout. Check out the schedule below and I hope to see you in the Facebook Group! Week 1 (3/24/20): Intro and Supplies Week 2 (3/31/20): Cutting & Sewing the Block Week 3 (4/6/20): Progress Check - where am I now? Week 4 (4/13/20): Quilt Top Assembly Week 5 (4/24/20): Applique 2 Ways Week 6 (4/27/20): Machine Quilting at Home Week 7 (5/4/20): Binding Share Your Progress on Social Media Follow us on instagram @poorhousequilt and use the hashtag #springaheadqal to show your progress! Join the Spring Ahead Facebook Group on Poorhouse Quilt Designs to share pics & ask questions and catch Facebook Lives! Until next week, keep on stitching and I hope you will consider joining us!

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