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Back to School Fun!

The kids are going back to school and we are free to sew (OK - my kids are past that stage, but there is something about September that is refreshing!!) I heard someone say it’s the second January!

If you have been following Poorhouse Quilt Designs for a while, you might notice my penchant for Petal Pouches! (And alliteration – tee hee!)! I just love making these things!

Pencil Pal made from the Petal Pouch pattern!

At the urging of a fellow stitcher, I made a few additions to the design and TA DA – the Pencil Pal Petal Pouch!

Fabric: This is Michael Miller Fabric’s Hash Dot collection - I just love these mixable colors and of course the dots!

I knew I wanted to use a gray background with a black center. For the petals, let's go back to school with ROYGBV – that little mnemonic device from art class comes in handy! Here is the stack of fabric that I used – it’s not exactly in ROYGBV order – but you can move it around to whatever suits you!

Love these Hash Dots!

Let’s take a close look at how I made the pencils: I made the Dresden plate petals, applied them to the main front piece, then added a little applique over the pointy ends to make the petals look like pencils. Simple!

The back story about the CREATE embroidery: I stitched up the entire front of the pouch, ending with stitching down the black quarter circle corner of the petals. Wow. Boring. Zzzzz...

I needed to add something to save it – so – RIIIIIIIIPPPPPP – time to start over!

CREATE came to mind – now that school has started, it might be time to CREATE!! So after I remade the center, and stitched it down, all I need to add were the turquoise triangle decorative stitches around the outside of the black corner – this hid some of my messy ripping.

If you would like to take your scraps and make this fun Pencil Pal Petal Pouch (did I mention alliteration?), you can find the pattern here and click here to download the instructions to make these changes PLUS how to get the machine embroidery files to make the curved CREATE – this is sure to be a fun little gift for your little artist!

Off to make some art – you can too!


Thanks for stopping by!

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