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Color Crush Sew Along Month 3

On to month 3 of the Color Crush BOM - I am so excited to be halfway through!

The Color Crush quilt features Flourish from QT Fabrics. Flourish is a colorful line with a nod to nature that makes it a versatile choice for any project.

How will this Sew Along work?

I will be posting each month on the third Thursday of the month as I sew up the blocks and give tips as I go along – just remember that there is much more information in the pattern! The last installment will be in August with the final reveal of the finished quilt! I have listed some of the shops that are offering this quilt at the end of this post, so if you are a quilt shop that carries this BOM and would like to be listed – let me know!

Let’s get sewing!

Here are the fabrics we are using; as you can see, lots of purple this month!

Some simple cutting to get started:

This month’s blocks require that we make 28 of the same color combination of half square triangles. So, let’s make our HSTs – eight at a time. We will make Contrary Wife and Shoo-fly blocks.

After cutting, again I’ll set aside some of the pieces for Month 6 (as noted in the pattern). So, I’ll stash those pieces inside (good and flat- we don’t want to have to go back and iron!!).

For 8 HST, we paired the large lavender and white squares right sides together, marked 2 diagonal lines or an X from corner to corner, and stitched 1/4” from each side of both lines.

Then I cut them apart on the marked lines, as well as from center to center horizontally and vertically.

This month I switched to the 6-1/2” Bloc-Loc Ruler for trimming HSTs (Bloc-Loc number 6.5-HST). This is an optional tool that I’ve listed on the pattern. I really like this tool for it’s versatility – I can trim HSTs up to 6” square finished. If you’d like to see this ruler in action, this video explains how to use the ruler.

That’s a lot of HST!! By the way, I used an 8” Omnigrid Rotary Mat to trim the blocks – that is not absolutely necessary, but it sure helped!

Contrary Wife

I feel like this block is named for me! I made 4 of these blocks. I forgot to take a pic of the block laid out before sewing – but I think you get the idea. This is a nine patch with 4 HSTs – does that make it contrary? You decide!

Shoo-fly Blocks

The Shoo-fly block is (yes!) another nine patch. We added more color in this block. Here are the rows laid out:

These blocks make be think of a jewel – I love the addition of the dark gray for drama – it makes the red POP!

Next Month

All the sewing is done for this month! Watch for a new post in June for Month 4 of Color Crush!!

Happy stitching!


Shops Carrying Color Crush BOM:

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