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Color Crush Sew-Along Month 6

Month 6 of the Color Crush BOM! Can you believe it?

This month, I am posting on the flying geese piecing and next month I will share the final reveal – the quilt top and my adventures quilting the quilt!

The Color Crush quilt features Flourish from QT Fabrics. Flourish is a colorful line with a nod to nature that makes it a versatile choice for any project.

How does this Sew Along work?

I will be posting each month on the third Thursday of the month as I sew up the blocks and give tips as I go along – just remember that there is much more information in the pattern! The last installment will be in August with the final reveal of the finished quilt!I am listing the shops that are offering this quilt at the end of this post, so if you are a quilt shop that carries this BOM and would like to be listed – let me know!

Let’s get sewing!

This kit comes from all of the extra cutting that was done along the way in months 1-5, plus some cuts for the border, which you will see next month!

Month 6 starts with piecing some flying geese units. Because we need multiples of some colors (red and gray), we’ll make those 4 at a time. The rest we will make one at time.

Let's start with making 4 flying geese units with red. We have a larger square of white (which in our case is the goose) and 2 smaller red squares. We lay the smaller squares right sides together with the larger square and align the squares diagonally with the larger square as shown below. The smaller squares will overlap. Draw a line from corner to corner.

Now, we'll sew 1/4" from both sides of the line, then cut the unit apart on the marked line.

Press so that right sides are facing you; now you have 2 triangles with ears!

Place an additional smaller square in the middle of the unit as shown below. Mark from corner to corner and sew on either side of the line, Once you cut those units on the line, you'll have a total of 4 flying geese.

We needed 4 gray and 4 red:

We trimmed these units with either the Creative Grids Ultimate Flying Geese Tool, or Bloc-Log Flying Geese Ruler. So easy to use and both companies provide video support for their tools.

Now, let's make the rest of the geese, just one at a time!

Place the colored square over the rectangle, and mark the diagonal.

Stitch on the diagonal, then trim away the triangle. Flip to the right side and one side is done!

Repeat on the opposite side.

And you get the geese:

We sew together our sections and we are ready to put together our quilt top!

But it's that time, when the Poorhouse goes camping! The sewing will have to wait, we've got some hiking and kayaking to do!

Next Month

All the sewing is done for this month! I will put the quilt top together upon my return and then I am renting time on a long arm, and I will take you along with me as I quilt the quilt (keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well!)!

Happy stitching!


Shops Carrying Color Crush BOM:

All About Quilts, Walpole MA (scroll down on May’s calendar)

Calico Gals in Syracuse NY

Juneberry Cottage in Evart MI

Not Your Mama’s Quilt Store, Plano, TX

New Bern Fabric Center

Santa Cruz Vac and Sew

Charmed Needles

Hancock’s of Paducah

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