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Finish Up the Mini!

Let’s finish this up! Today, let’s talk about simple hanging and label ideas for the Mother’s Day Mini Challenge!

Some background: We challenge you to get this mini quilt done in time for Mother’s Day – it can be for your favorite Mom, or for yourself. I made the sample here on the blog in solids and tone-on-tones, but you can use whatever you have in your scrap bag!

This week, we emailed finishing instructions to our newsletter subscribers; our readers received the block, border instructions then quilting instructions earlier in the month.

Can you get the pattern? Yes! If you subscribe to the Poorhouse Post in the month of April (2021), you will get the instructions on the Monday following the date that you subscribed. (Note - if you are reading this after April 2021, the pattern is no longer available).

Click here to take a look at the completed center block. We added borders in here. Click here for the simple quilting ideas. There – you are officially caught up!

To start, a bit of squaring up is called for, then baste the loose edges if needed. If the mini was quilted from edge to edge, skip this.

Add hanging pockets - we used 3" squares, folded in half diagonally. These pockets can hold a dowel or a flat stick (a 5 gallon paint stir stick would work!) for hanging.

After the pockets, bind using your favorite method.

Now let's label the quilt. Yes - own your creativity!

This is my lazy woman's method for labeling - using this method ensures that I will actually do this!

Use a fabric marker meant for textiles. I used a Fabrico marker for my label, because I liked that color.

Determine your label size then add 1/2" to length and width for finishing. So if you would like a 3-1/2" by 2-1/2" label, the cut size would be 4" x 3". Cut a piece of label fabric (white). backing fabric (purple) and freezer paper to the cut size.

  1. Press freezer paper to the wrong side of the label fabric; add lines (I like 1/2" to 3/4" spacing for writing) to matte side of freezer paper.

  2. Secure label to flat surface with masking tape. Write your label slowly. Include From/To and Date. Remove the masking and heat set the marker (according to the manufacturer's instructions).

  3. Do not remove the freezer paper yet! Cut a small slit (1") in the center of the backing fabric. Place backing and label right sides together.

  4. Stitch all layers together with a short stitch (2.0mm). Remove the freezer paper.

  5. Turn right side out and push out the corners. Pin to backing and slip stitch in place.

Wasn't that easy? Yeah - it's labeled and it's simple!

Here’s another fun giveaway below. If you are a Poorhouse Post subscriber, you are already entered. We have a set of fat quarter packs from Clothworks and QT Fabrics.

Remember, it’s not too late to get the pattern, just subscribe to our email newsletter during April 2021! To subscribe, enter your info in the box at the right ---->!

If you subscribe, you will get a pattern on the Monday following the date that you subscribed. (Note - if you are reading this after April 2021, the pattern is no longer available).


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Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a great week!


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