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Flying Geese for Fun

Flying geese... it's a simple quilting element that packs a lot of visual punch. This blog post walks through the process of making 4 Flying Geese units at a time; if you'd like to join me, let’s sew!

When finished, a flying geese unit is half as high as it is wide. So for example, a quilter can choose to make 3” x 6” or 4” x 8” units and so on.

The method that I will be using makes 4 flying geese units at once, without any waste. It starts with one large square (the large triangular goose) and 4 smaller background squares.

How to figure out the sizes?

For the large square, add 1-1/4” to the FINISHED width of the unit.

For the 4 smaller background squares, add 7/8” to the FINISHED height of the unit.

I will be making 2-1/2” x 5” finished units. Therefore, in order to make 4 flying geese, I cut a large square at 5” + 1-1/4” or 6-1/4”. Then I will need 4 background squares at 2-1/2” +7/8” or 3-3/8”.

A quick view of what I will be using for this tute:

Here’s a handy reference for other common sizes:

Let's start Geese Piecing!

Draw a line from corner to corner on the small background squares.

Place 2 of the background squares over the large square - they will overlap in the middle.

Stitch ¼" from both sides of the line. Resist the urge to give yourself a scant 1/4"! You will need the real 1/4".

Cut apart on the drawn line (Fig. C).

Press seams toward the large triangle.

Place remaining smaller squares over each unit. aligning with corner. Again, stitch ¼" from both sides of the line.

Cut apart on drawn line and repeat with remaining unit. This yields 4 Flying Geese units.

Press toward the "geese" and trim to size (on the chart, reference the column for size with seam allowances). I trimmed my geese to 3" x 5-1/2".

Pair up you geese! Have fun - make it all scrappy or use pairs, as I am using.

Assemble 8 Flying Geese units, to make a Dutchmen's Puzzle block, measuring 10 1/2" square. Love that pinwheel in the middle!

I am posting these in real time on Facebook and Instagram - follow along for fun! I need 30 blocks, then I will sash and assemble - stay tuned!


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