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Holiday Stars Wreath - Part 1

Hello! Welcome to the Poorhouse!

I am posting this a little late for the holidays but think of it as getting an early jump on the next holidays! I would like to show you my super SIMPLE wreath that I embellished with Holiday Stars!

It all started with the Retreat from Home/Crafting for the Holidays in December (OMG that was so much fun - check it out if you would like to attend a virtual retreat!). I was teaching a class on the Holiday Stars ornament. This is the pattern:

The pattern includes 6 pointed and 8 pointed stars; there are 3 sizes of each, for a total of 6 variations.

I knew it would be fun to show this project being used in different ways so that I could expand on it’s uses. What if I made a simple wreath, and embellished it with the stars? (You know me, I love wreaths – tee hee!)! Here's a short video clip of the wreath on the back of my front door.


  • 1-16” flat Styrofoam wreath

  • 20 - 20” long strips green

  • 6-7 Fork pins

  • 3 Small and

  • 1 Medium Red Holiday Stars from the pattern above

I eagerly picked through my stash of 2-1/2” strips and decided to use mostly green strips to wrap the wreath form. I admit, I have a bunch of Christmas strip packs that I have raided for different projects, so this was not hard to do! So let’s make it:

  1. Stitch all your strips together, end to end to get one long strip.

  2. Press a ½” “hem” on one side of long strip. This will be your finished edge.

  3. Starting on the back of the wreath, secure the end with a fork pin. Start wrapping the wreath so that you continuously cover the raw edges with the finished edges.

  4. Keep wrapping until you reach the beginning. If you don’t end up with a long enough strip, you can add more or loosen up and give yourself more space between the strips.

  5. Secure the end with another fork pin.

  6. Secure Ornaments over the beginning/ending section with fork pins.

That’s it – a very simple wreath – using some of your stash! I hung it with florist wire thumbtacked to the top of the door. You could also hang it with a pretty ribbon.

I think this turned out so clean and simple looking - so I am going to make a springy one! Tune in next week when I reveal part 2, in which I shown you some other variations of the Holiday Stars!

Have a great week and keep on using your stash!


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