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I Like Mike!

I am so excited to let you know that I am officially a Michael Miller Fabrics Brand Ambassador for 2019! There are 9 of us - get to know them below!

You know Michael Miller Fabrics by their bright and fresh colors and bold designs. I am so excited to play with their designs! I will be sharing my adventures on this blog - so stay tuned! You will get sneak peeks of fabrics coming to your local quilt shop, tutorials, free patterns and sew much more!

Here is a video of the yumminess received this week! Check out these colors - wow!!

Go visit these other sites to get to know the other ambassadors!

Mel Beach – San Jose, CA

Modern, bold, fun style!

Stephanie Cunnyngham – Thornton, IN

Stephanie has a contagious enthusiasm for sewing and quilting.

Erica Jackman – Salem, OR

Erica has a clean and bright approach to quilting.

Jennifer McClanahan – Glen Burnie, MD

Jennifer’s clever pattern design and industry experience.

Karly Nelson – La Verkin, UT

Karly brings her diverse sewing experience to the team.

Melanie Traylor – Rainbow City, AL

Melanie has an undeniable passion for quilting.

Angie Wilson – Canberra, ACT

Angie has a distinctive and graphic design style from down under!

Elizabeth Townsend Gard – New Orleans, LA

Look for podcasts with her fellow Ambassadors this year!

Please visit their blogs and follow them on social media.

It's time get the sewing machine humming - to stay up to date, follow us on instagram and facebook and look for the hashtag #ilikemike!


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