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It's Kismet with Small Projects!

Kismet by Tammy Silver from Island Batik is a beautiful fabric line! The colors are vibrant and summery – just what we all need this time of year!

I thought it might be fun to do some small projects with Kismet – small projects can really pack a punch and make your sewing fun! I like to think of small projects as hors d'oeuvres! With just a little sewing, you can be a little more adventurous in your color pairings, not to mention try a new technique with just a little bite!

Here is a variation on our Petal Pouch pattern in Kismet! This little wedge shaped pouch is so quick to make. I took a chance and decided, instead of petals, I would just add a fan. I added a folded bias accent strip around the outer edge of the fan as an accent.

This pattern uses Bosal’s precut foam shape – I love it for quilting definition!

After adding the fan on the foam, I added quilting and bling – who says you can’t add bling to your batik? Great for a fun vacation pouch!

Next up – how about a New York Beauty Bowl? These small trinket bowls are made with Bosal’s Heat Moldable Stiffener – they are so much fun to stitch!

Two things you will need to work with this: Microtex Sharp Needles as listed on the pattern, and a Teflon Sheet to protect your ironing surface. This product is fusible on both sides, which is great – but – it will fuse to your ironing board cover if you aren’t careful!!

Heat Moldable stiffener is fun to work with - after you have completed your project you can heat it to mold it!


Apply moist heat to the flat project until it becomes soft and pliable. I like to do this with a damp press cloth and a hot iron. Place the project over a bowl or a plate to shape it, or you can manipulate it with your hands. Let it cool (about 30 seconds) and you have a molded stiff project! Fun!

Learn more at our FB Live video here!

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Let me know what you think of our projects in the comments!

Happy stitching! -Kris

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