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Making It Week 3 - Mini Hug Pillow!

It’s Week 3 of Making It - we are still celebrating Jo’s 50th birthday – what a milestone! If you don’t know what I am talking about, you can start at the beginning here!

This is week 3 of our mini blog event and we are wrapping it up with a bang! We have had so much fun using Marcus Fabrics Soulful Shades of Pink!

What is happening this week?

  • Keep reading to see what I am up to (and there may be a giveaway - but you’ll have to read to the end!)!

  • Kate (Seams Like a Dream Designs) is posting a mini tutorial and showing other projects made with the Soulful Shades of Pink fabric. Jump to Kate here!

  • Jo is posting about her project and a link to the pattern. It’s called Feel the Love and that’s all I will say, because it is hers to share. All proceeds from the sale of the pattern go to the American Cancer Society. Yup! That's generous! Jump on over to Jo's blog here!

  • Let’s get going!

Mini Hugs!

Last week I debuted the “Hug Around the Neck pillow – check it out here. Today I have a mini tutorial about sizing the Hug Around the Neck pillow project for kids.

Last week I debuted the “Hug Around the Neck pillow – check it out here (link Today I have a mini tutorial about sizing the Hug Around the Neck pillow project for kids.

Pic of the pillow

This is all about printing your pillow template at the size you want it. This pillow is sized for the average woman.

  1. If you haven’t already, save the pattern on your computer.

  2. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  3. File>Print.

  4. In the Print Dialog, choose Pages 5-6 to print.

  5. Choose Custom Scale and enter the % below.

  6. Click print to get your custom sized pillow template!

Size guide:

These are just my recommendations below- I recommend that you make one up in scrap fabrics so that you can adjust the size.

  • For a toddler, print this out at 75% of actual. Change your strip widths to 2”.

  • For an older kid, print this out at 90% of actual.

  • For an average woman, print this out at 100% of actual.

  • For a larger person, you can increase the size of the template – you might need to print out on more sheets and add additional strips.

That’s it!

Soulful Scalloped Basket

This beautiful fabric translates well to any project. Let’s take a look at it in the Scalloped Basket! This basket is made with Scalloped Placemats by Bosal – we prefer to use the Craftex version. I just love how feminine this basket feels.

I took some liberties with my pattern – I decided not to make button tabs. I made ties instead. This was an easy option and since I didn’t have buttons to match, it was a great alternative!

Use the location where you position the button tabs to place the ties on. You will need 2 ties at each corner and I used the button tab size to make the ties. I cut the end of the ties off diagonally after I tied the knots, I also applied fray-check to the raw edges.

Where can you get the pattern and the supplies? – well, Stina’s of course! Check out the pattern here or the starter kit here!


How about a giveaway? I am giving away a pre-cut kit for this basket that I create from the rest of this beautiful fabric! Just comment below on this post and you will be entered!

*** This contest has ended. ***

This has been a fun event!

It has been a lot of fun and very meaningful to all of us to do this event.

Again, don’t miss visiting my stitching buddies’ blogs:

Kate Colleran of Seams Like A Dream

Joanne Hillestad of Fat Quarter Gypsy and Swirly Girls Design.

All of our projects will be donated to Joanne’s local chapter of the American Cancer Society; we hope that these projects bring comfort to someone that needs it. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the Feeling the Love pattern (less credit card processing fees) will benefit this important cause. Let’s all help end this disease in our lifetime!

Until next time, keep on stitching!


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