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Month 1 Color Crush Sew Along

Last month, we introduced the Color Crush Block of the Month – it’s a 6 month “skill builder” program. The quilt features Flourish from QT Fabrics. Flourish is a blender line which includes both bright and dusty colors. The line is a tone on tone mix of leaves, marks, and scratches which makes it a versatile choice for traditional to modern quilting.

With this quilt, you can color outside the lines, as you can see below! The finished size of the Color Crush quilt is 56" x 64".

I will be posting each month on the third Thursday of the month as I sew up the blocks and give tips as I go along – just remember that there is much more information in the pattern! The final installment will be in August with the final reveal of the finished quilt! I would love to list the shops that are offering this quilt, so if you are a quilt shop that carries this BOM and would like to be listed – let me know!


Shop spotlight: Here's a link to Calico Gal's Color Crush video - they've introduced this project as a BOM where you don't necessarily have to wait a month for the next installment - if you finish Month 1, move on to Month 2 as soon as you'd like! Fun!


Let's dive in!

Here’s the kit/colors I’m using this month - love those colors (!!)– we’ll start with making some narrow connector blocks with white background and purple, then move on to the other colors for Nine Patches. We’ll use these connector blocks to test our ¼” seam allowance.

The pattern includes a link to a video that shows how to accurately determine your 1/4" seam.

After cutting, I’ll set aside some of the pieces for the last month (as noted in the pattern)– when you get to month 6, the piecing for the remaining blocks will be all cut. So mark a baggie and stash those pieces inside (good and flat- we don’t want to have to go back and iron!!).

Bonus! The pattern also includes instructions for a mini bonus Nine-patch pincushion - great for your stash and a fun gift for your sewing buddies!

I start by setting up my machine for piecing and stitch 2 squares together, then measure the seam itself, and as you can see, I am a bit too generous. That small amount will add up across the quilt.

I had to adjust my needle position in my machine settings and I will set my machine at this setting for the rest of this quilt (and future quilts!). Some machines require that you adjust manually – check with your machine manual if you have questions on this.

I continue to make the connector block and verify the finished width – that’s another check of your ¼” seam allowance. All set!

Nine patches – I just love making them – easy blocks that allow you to get into the zone!

My tip here is to lay out each 9 patch separately and finish it before moving on to the next one. Chain piece at the machine.

Sew the nine-patch row by row and press each row as you go. Press in direction shown on pattern.

I love how the nine-patch seams nest together! And since you have verified your ¼” seam, the finished size of the block will be accurate!

Here's what we've finished for this month:

That was fun! I will see you next month for some more Color Crush!! Keep on sewing!

If you'd like to follow along with the pattern, visit Stina's Quilt and Sewing Supplies!


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