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Month 2 Color Crush Sew Along

It's month 2 of the Color Crush Block of the Month – it’s a 6 month “skill builder” program. The quilt features Flourish from QT Fabrics. I fell in love with Flourish it’s a colorful line with a nod to nature that makes it a versatile choice for any project.

How will this Sew Along work?

I will be posting each month on the second Thursday of the month as I sew up the blocks and give tips as I go along – just remember that there is much more information in the pattern! The final installment will be in August with the final reveal of the finished quilt! I would love to list the shops that are offering this quilt, so if you are a quilt shop that carries this BOM and would like to be listed – let me know!

My Favorite Quilt Shop is offering this BOM, click to check it out!

Let’s get sewing!

Here’s are the fabrics I’m using this month – as you can see, we’ve added a bit of red to the mix this month!

We are focusing on half square triangles (HST) this month – with the traditional method of 2 at a time, with oversized squares. We will make friendship stars and hourglass blocks.

Just a word on the ruler pictured above – this is a Creative Grids CGR812 – this is my workhorse ruler lately; I use this ruler to cut most of my piecing. Between this ruler and my 3x12 Creative Grids, I can get most of my cutting done!

After cutting, again I’ll set aside some of the pieces for Month 6 (as noted in the pattern). So, I’ll stash those pieces inside (good and flat- we don’t want to have to go back and iron!!).

For the HST this month, pair colors right sides together, mark a diagonal line, stitch 1/4” from each side of the line and then cut them apart on the marked line.

I am using the Creative Grids Half Square 4-in-1 Triangle Ruler (CGRBH1). This is a versatile ruler that allows you to create accurate HST using one of 4 methods. I prefer method 4 to trim. We made a plethora of HST for both blocks!

Friendship Stars

Friendship stars are just nine patches with HST – and just like 9 patches, I like to lay out each block separately and finish it before moving on to the next one. Because there are color variations between each block, it’s the only way to do it!

Chain piece at the machine and don’t forget to check your ¼”. See the Month 1 post for details. Be sure to refer to the pattern for pressing details!

Hourglass Blocks

The Hourglass block is another nine patch variation – hmmm, do you sense a pattern? So here it is laid out:

I love these simple blocks! And the Flourish fabric is so perfect for this – we made the one gold hourglass; the yellow fabric has just a speck of green in it [chef’s kiss].


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Next Month

Next month - let's make HST - 8 at a time! Watch for a new post in May for Month 3 of Color Crush. Happy stitching!


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