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Spring Ahead Quilt - The Block!

We are having loads of fun in the Spring Ahead Quilt Along group on Facebook! And it’s not too late to join us! Our group is open until May 28, 2020. All printable instructions/guides and videos are located in the group. After the group closes, the pattern will be made available for purchase. This week, we are cutting strips, laying out and stitching blocks - we have had fun looking at everyone’s fabric choices! Tomorrow I will go live in the group to talk about block sewing and tips! Do you want to stay in the know about the quilt along each week via email? Click here to get on the Spring Ahead Email list! Last week we talked about the supply list for the quilt - this week we are starting on our blocks! Planning First up: to understand the block, I always make a sample block:

I don’t know if I will use this for anything other than practice quilting (lol!) - I picked 2-1/2” strips from the scrap bin without regard to color for this one. But it always helps to get the brain in gear for the cutting and piecing ahead. Pictured below is my coloring page - I am using this to map out the color placement in my blocks.

So - I think it’s time to cut! Cutting Here are my strips loosely laid out - I must admit for this quilt I am cutting one block at a time, so that I stay organized. If I was doing a scrappy quilt, I would have all my strips cut by now!

On the top left you see our block planner (we are using this to plan the block if needed); it also serves as a convenient separator between strip sets!

Here are some quick tips for cutting strips:

  1. Press your fabric first; this makes it easier to cut.

  2. Check the fold to make sure it’s straight - I prefer not to make a second fold, as I find I will get the dreaded “V” in my strips somewhere.

  3. Take care to make your first clean up cut perpendicular to the bottom edge.

  4. Use your ruler (not your mat) to cut accurate strips.

  5. After 3 or 4 strips, check for straightness and clean up if needed.


After cutting, we add accent pieces to most of the strips - we will be talking about the process live in our group tomorrow. It's a great opportunity to aske questions!

This graphic illustrates our block sewing. I have had a lot of fun piecing these blocks - no points matching - SCORE!

Here is a sneak peek at some of my blocks:

Next week, join me here. I will be showing you my progress, as well as (I am hoping) some of the group member’s blocks, so that you can see the talent out there! Spring Ahead Quilt Along Schedule I am going to share my process as I am making this quilt; I have outlined the dates below. I am using Michael Miller Fabric's Hash Dots, That’s It Dot and Cotton Couture for a planned layout. Check out the schedule below and I hope to see you in the Facebook Group! Week 1 (3/24/20): Intro and Supplies Week 2 (4/2/20): Cutting & Sewing the Block Week 3 (4/6/20): Progress Check - where am I now? Week 4 (4/13/20): Quilt Top Assembly Week 5 (4/20/20): Applique 2 Ways Week 6 (4/27/20): Machine Quilting at Home Week 7 (5/4/20): Binding Share Your Progress on Social Media Follow us on instagram @poorhousequilt and use the hashtag #springaheadqal to show your progress Join the Spring Ahead Facebook Group on Poorhouse Quilt Designs to share pics & ask questions and catch Facebook Lives!

Keep on stitching! -Kris

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