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Spring Ahead Sashing and Borders

Sashing and borders - isn’t this the best part? We are having fun in the Spring Ahead Quilt Along Facebook group with our quilts and seeing everything coming together! Details on the group below. First things first - true confessions - I ended up having to cut a bit extra to square up my blocks, so I needed to adjust can my sashing length. See? It happens to everyone!

I always get very excited as the blocks start to come together! I have really relied on my coloring page - it kept me organized when I went to assemble my blocks.

Here is the quilt sans borders. My husband is behind the scenes - you can’t see him, but he’s there. Nice to have a hubby that supports your hobby - literally LOL. (I do my part - I go to train shows too!) I think this would look cute with a thin black border, too!

And here are the borders! Yeah! I measured from the center vertically and horizontally and used those measurements to cut my borders - this method prevents border flutter.

Here is a digital version of the quilt without sashing and borders - different look - still pretty cute!

It's not too late to join the Spring Ahead Quilt Along group! Our group is open until May 28, 2020. All printable instructions/guides and videos are located in the group. After the group closes, the pattern will be made available for purchase.

Do you want to stay in the know about the quilt along each week via email? Click here to get on the Spring Ahead Email list!

Next week, join me for Applique fun! Spring Ahead Quilt Along Schedule I am going to share my process as I am making this quilt; I have outlined the dates below. I am using Michael Miller’s Hash Dots, That’s It Dot and Cotton Couture for my strips and I will be doing a planned layout.

Check out the schedule below and I hope to see you in the Facebook Group!

Week 1 (3/24/20): Intro and Supplies

Week 2 (4/2/20): Cutting & Sewing the Block

Week 3 (4/6/20): Progress Check - where am I now?

Week 4 (4/13/20): Quilt Top Assembly

Week 5 (4/20/20): Applique 2 Ways

Week 6 (4/27/20): Machine Quilting at Home

Week 7 (5/4/20): Binding

Share Your Progress on Social Media Follow us on instagram @poorhousequilt and use the hashtag #springaheadqal to show your progress Join the Spring Ahead Facebook Group on Poorhouse Quilt Designs to share pics & ask questions and catch Facebook Lives!

Until next week, keep on stitching and I hope you will consider joining us!


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